Video - !!WOW!! Gillet Vertigo 5 VERY RARE CAR !!!

Videos Maserati 420 !!WOW!! Gillet Vertigo 5 VERY RARE CAR !!!

!!WOW!! Gillet Vertigo 5 VERY RARE CAR !!!

In UK, there is Aston Martin, In Germany, there is Porsche, In Italy, there is Ferrari, In France there is Bugatti, In USA, there is Corvette AND in Belgium there is... Gillet !! Here is a video of the only 1 ( or maybe 2 ) Gillet Vertigo 5 version. This is the last version this Belgian Supercar made by manufacture Gillet. The first Gillet took the a world record for the 0-60 mph acceleration in 1994, it was done in just 3.2 seconds !! This 5 version takes the 0-60 mph in only 3 seconds !! There is a 4.2l V8 Maserati engine wich produces 420 hp. The car weights only 950kg. Hope you enjoy to watch this video. Thank you. TheCaraf.

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