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Mission: Lube Job

Fresh from an underwater mission, a white Esprit S1, piloted by an "international spy of mystery", has to reach its next objective, but is pursued relentlessly by a "bad dude" in a Maserati Merak. Will the little Lotus make it? Watch the second-best car chase ever filmed involving a white Lotus Esprit S1! . . . . . Okay, don't take this too seriously! We sure don't! We had to get the car to its destination, and decided to have a little fun with a camera along the way. This is what happens when you give AutomobileAddiction a HD camera and a couple of hours. The "story" was created in the editing room, by trimming and piecing together some footage to see what could be made of it. . If you are an Esprit fan and happen to be hungry and driving on Interstate 90 through the western suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, the white Lotus can currently be seen inside of the Quaker Steak and Lube restaurant in Sheffield, right off of the freeway. . My thanks go out to the management at Quaker Steak, and to my loving and patient wife for all of her help in making this little video. . For Esprit S1 anoraks, the car in this video is chassis #155H, a Federal car built in February of 1977. It wears its original 'gel coat' finish and has covered 65k miles from new. . The song playing during the chase is from the YouTube library for users; I tried several times to balance it against the audio using the YouTube editor, but it didn't work, so I recorded it and mixed it prior to uploading. To YouTube ...



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