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Maserati GranSport Xenon Headlight adjustment fix

This is a video of how I adjusted the Xenon Headlights on a Maserati GranSport. It should also apply to Maserati 4200's with the Xenon option. The Xenon headlights are self leveling to factor in boot load and hard accelerating and braking but you still need to set the default,normal or base angle for the lights. My lights were WAY too high and were blinding oncoming traffic. There is 2 adjustment knobs on the back of the headlight's. One for high-beam, one for low/main beam. Turning in one direction lowers the beam, the other direction raises the beam. Tools used: * Car Jack * Socket to remove wheel bolts * Socket with extension (shown in video) to turn adjustment knobs or possibly a wide Flat head screwdriver * Phillips head screw driver Instructions: * Jack up the car and remove the wheel * You should see a section on the wheel liner that has Velcro piece that allow you to access the area behind the headlights. You can actually access the headlight adjusting knobs WITHOUT taking off the wheel liner covers. I did this for the second side as i knew where the knobs where. So it may still be easier to remove the wheel liner when you adjust the first light to familiarise yourself and then just use the little Velcro window to adjust the second. You could possibly do it without taking a wheel off as well but i did not try this. *OK I'll continue with the method i used in the video. Remove the wheel liner cover. There are 4 small hex bolts and 1 small Philips head screw to ...

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