Video - ItaliaspeedTV - New Maserati Quattroporte VI - by Lorenzo Ramacciotti (Designer)

Videos Maserati Quattroporte ItaliaspeedTV - New Maserati Quattroporte VI - by Lorenzo Ramacciotti (Designer)

ItaliaspeedTV - New Maserati Quattroporte VI - by Lorenzo Ramacciotti (Designer)

The designers at Fiat Centro Stile have done their best to reinterpret the Chrysler 300's form within the project's constraints, but are also constrained in a recent era of timid design, that has seen the most recent models, such as the Panda and 500L, reinterpreting the previous generations for the overall design language. There are styling hints from Lexus, Jaguar and Infiniti in the forms. Inside the cabin has been reworked but various switches and the multi function screen betray its more humble origins. Fiat Group failed in its attempts to pass off the 300 as a Lancia model, much more effort will have to be made to ensure customers feel they are buying a Trident model. However there is history in the Quattroporte family for outside platform sharing as the abortive 2nd generation model was based on the Citroën SM and Maserati plans to draw on other models to bolster its range, including Jeep's Grand Cherokee. "The new Maserati Quattroporte is a high-performance sports luxury sedan that reinterprets the design features of classic Maseratis in a contemporary design language," said Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Head of Maserati Design Center. "Its style was born out of the guiding design principles of Maserati: harmony of shapes, dynamism of lines, Italian elegance. More generous in size when compared to the previous model, the new Quattroporte has a design that is at once graceful and sinuous, fashioned to bring out the sporty nature of the car. "Some of the elements ...



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