Video - Grigio Maserati GranSport - Walkaround, Scenes, Pictures

Videos Maserati Gransport Grigio Maserati GranSport - Walkaround, Scenes, Pictures

Grigio Maserati GranSport - Walkaround, Scenes, Pictures

I had just entered the Foss Island Car Park, and i was hoping to find something. Just Behind the Skate Park was this beauty. A Stunning example of a Maserati GranSport. The only GranSport which i've ever come close to. The GranSport is essentially the Maserati 4200 Coupe, but a modified variant of it. It's powered by the same 4.2 Litre, 90 Degree V8 as the 4200GT however, the Gransport produces 396bhp whereas the 4200GT prodcues 385bhp. not a lot of difference there. More features include the Aerodynamically padded Body, the Special 19" wheels, Bits of carbon fibre throught the car, the same transmission as the Cambiocorsa and a Special Exhaust system which at low revs, makes the car Growl. I Saw the car at a Foss Island Car Park. Knowing it was a beauty like this meant that i wanted to record it. So obviously, i did. The owner arrived but he didn't mind me recording his car at all. Another good owner i suppose. It was a real treat to be with this car for a good 5 minutes doing all the scenes. Anyway, Hope you enjoy the car and the Video Please Feel Free to Leave a Comment ~GTRJacko Song Name: Rick Ross - BMF (Instrumental) Shot at HD 720p and 14 Megapixels and uploaded at Full HD 1080p Come, see and join my Partner MrRod787's Website here: Come and Join York's No.1 Exotic Spotter's Facebook group here to get updated with all the latest News from GTRJacko: Visit mine and jordanclarkson2010's website here: www.automobilefans ...

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