Video - Crazy Loud Maserati Granturismo - 'Al-Thani' Turquoise

Videos Maserati Granturismo Crazy Loud Maserati Granturismo - 'Al-Thani' Turquoise

Crazy Loud Maserati Granturismo - 'Al-Thani' Turquoise

Facebook: Twitter: The turquoise cars in London are famous for bad things following a few little hickups and some horrific driving, however these clips of the Maserati Granturismo with a custom exhaust fitted (by Midlands Exhausts) is sensible enough while being exceptionally loud! See it in combo with an LP570 Superleggera and LP640 and then with a Gallardo Coupe as well as the LP570. London is never short of crazy combinations! Website: Vlogs Camera: Sony CX700 Microphone: Rode Videomic Pro Location: London Thanks for watching, Tim

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