Maserati Quattroporte III/Royale AM330, generation #3

Models Maserati Quattroporte 3 III/Royale AM330

Maserati Quattroporte III/Royale AM330 3

Year of production 1979 - 1990

Model: Quattroporte (1963 - ...)

Wikipedia (Quattroporte):

Considered a "businessman's Maserati," the Quattroporte III was presented by newly empowered Maserati chief Alejandro de Tomaso and his design staff in 1977. This was a rear wheel drive car, powered by a large V8 engine. It was important to de Tomaso that there be an Italian vehicle to compete with the recently launched Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9. The Quattroporte III marked the last of the hand-built Italian cars. All exterior joints and seams were filled to give a seamless appearance.

In 1976, Giorgetto Giugiaro presented two ItalDesign show cars on Maserati platforms, called the Medici I and Medici II. The latter had features that would make it into the production of the third-generation Quattroporte. At the 1977 Turin Motor Show, Maserati announced the Quattroporte III (Tipo AM 330), which took much from the Medici show cars, based on Maserati's Kyalami coupé, which in turn was based on the De Tomaso Longchamp. Styling emphasis was placed on linearity, which was also useful to reduce tooling cost.

The Quattroporte III went into production in 1979, equipped with a 4,136 cc V8 engine (referred to as the "4200" by Maserati) producing 255 hp (190 kW; 259 PS), later 238 hp (177 kW; 241 PS) (SAE). Also available was a 4.9-litre V8 producing 280 hp (209 kW; 284 PS) at 5,800 rpm). A distinguishing characteristic of the vehicle was its interior. The automatics initially used a three-speed Borg–Warner automatic transmission, soon replaced by a Chrysler Torqueflite gearbox. Manual gearboxes were ZF-built five-speeds. The smaller engine was phased out in 1985. When leaving the factory all "4200" Maseratis were originally fitted with Pirelli Cinturato 205VR15 tyres (CN72).

From 1979 up to 1981 "4porte" badging was used, changed to Quattroporte for up to 1989. In 1986, the Maserati Royale, a handbuilt to order ultra-luxury version of the Quattroporte III, appeared. The engine was upgraded to 295 hp (220 kW; 299 PS) (SAE).

In all, 2,155 Quattroporte IIIs were produced, including one for Italian presidential use and 53 of them being Royales. Production ceased in 1990.

Turinese coachbuilder Salvatore Diomante also offered a 65 cm longer limousine version, fully equipped with white leather, "abundant burr walnut", mini-bar, video recorder and many other necessities. The price of the Diomante limousine at introduction (1986) was 210 million lire.

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