Maserati A6 GCM

Maserati A6 GCM

Year of production 1951 - 1953

Model: A6 (1947 - 1956)


The Maserati A6GCM is a single seater racing car from the Italian manufacturer Maserati. Only 12 cars were built between 1951 and 1953.

The A6GCM belongs to the A6 family of Maserati vehicles which comprised many models from street cars to racing cars. The name of the car is derived as follows:

A6 : the name of the series : A for Alfieri (Maserati), 6 for 6 cylinders

G : Ghisa, the engine block was in cast iron

C : Corsa, for Racing

M : Monoposto, for single seater.

The Tipo6 CS (Corsa Sportivo: barchetta) has been spotted as a good contender even in front of single seaters in Formula 2, despite its small engine. Thus Maserati decided to develop a specific model that would meet the new FIA racing rules.

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Maserati A6 GCM
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Maserati A6 GCM
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