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Who owns a meserati or would like to own

Forum General talking Who owns a meserati or would like to own

2011-10-31 05:03:10

Maserati fans unite!

2011-10-31 05:04:35

call me or sms me at 97560961

2011-11-05 11:46:37

I own a 2005 Gransport and just love it

Whats your ride, Princess? I see for now we are the only ones in Singapore registered here, surely there should be more to come!

2011-11-06 05:21:51

wow, im suprised anyone would reply.

A gran turismo would be my dream car

2011-11-08 16:55:38

What do u mean "would be"...??? I thought this is owners only?

I dont know... design wise, the Gransport is my favorite... GT just too bulky and garang... but i guess i am biased here

2011-11-11 07:27:44

Well, dont be mean. its good to have dreams than none.

if im not wrong there is only 5/7 gransport in singapore. u own one of those??